Left to Right: Izumi Nance, Jena Pyle, Izaac Mellow, Kirsten Ourada


Sundae Crush is a rainbow, daydream band writing songs to crush modern ideas of romance which can be toxic and unhealthy. The daydream started with Jena Pyle (vocals, guitar, Q-chord) and is brought into reality with Izumi Nance (guitar, vocals), Kirsten Ourada (drums, vocals), and Izaac Mellow (bass, vocals). They’re heading down the west coast for a Spring Break 2019 tour in late March. The band pairs experimentation with groovy, heartfelt pop to tint your vision to a rosy hue.

Sundae Crush has appeared on KEXP’s Audioasis and has shared the stage with Frankie Cosmos, Winter, and Peach Kelli Pop.